ame="description" content="ROSH Head Impact Sensors are affordable indicators of the severity of a head impact, usable in any sport and by any person.  No App Required! Sensing strips slide into a moisture-whicking ROSH Headband or Skullcap, worn during event. ROSH Sensors Do Not Prevent Concussions And Are Not Diagnostic.">

The Challenge - Measurement and Reporting

ROSH Sensors are affordable, so that every child and adult that engages in sports of any kind can be equipped to recognize the severity of a head impact, should one occur.  Concussions are severely under reported, leading to bad data and statistics.  Even still, the numbers are frightening.  Huge quantities of concussions are reported, even though athletes may not remember they experienced an impact, or may be used to repetitive impacts.


Severe injuries are common . . .

  • The CDC estimates that 1.6-3.8 Million sports and recreation related concussions occur each year in the U.S.
  • It is believed that up to as many as 20% of HS Football players experience a concussion in a given year

. . . But <47% of Athletes Report


  • Concussions are severely under-reported, leading to greater risk of Second Impact Syndrome (SIS)

Impact Awarness in under 60 Seconds

ROSH Sensors enable players, parents, and coaches to determine if a significant blow to the head has occurred, since head trauma does not have the same outward signs as other injuries.  Any parent or trainer can check a sensor in under 60 seconds.

ROSH Sensors monitor Your Play